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The American Society for Surgery of the Hand welcomes the Brazilian Society for Hand Surgery (Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia da Mão) as the 2014 International Guest Hand Society.  The Guest Society program offers the opportunity for Annual Meeting attendees to exchange scientific ideas and increase knowledge of Brazilian research, techniques, and progress in the hand and upper extremity community.  As the honoree, the Brazil Society will be acknowledged in the Opening Ceremony and will be recognized as the guest of honor at the International Reception.  Review the full list of Guest Society Benefits to learn more.

The Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia da Mão (Brazilian Society of Hand Surgery) was founded in Rio de Janeiro on June 17th, 1959. In 1966, during the American Meeting for Hand Surgery in Chicago, SBCM, represented by Dr. Alipio Pernet, participated on the foundation of the International Federation of Societies for Hand Surgery. Dr. Pernet was appointed to the committees of Impairment Evaluation, Nomenclature, and Tumor. The first Brazilian Meeting for Hand Surgery was held in 1967, in São Paulo. For several years, world experts in Hand Surgery participated in the Brazilian Meeting, such as Drs. Pulvertaft, Boyes, Wakefield, Tubiana, Kleinert, Bora, Swanson, Barton, Omer, Burkhalter, Gilbert, Steichen, Taleisnik, McFarlane, Manske, Green, Jupiter, Kozin and Osterman.

In 1985, SBCM moved its headquarters to the City of São Paulo.  In 2014, the SBCM completes 55 years of existence. We are currently just over 500 members, distributed throughout Brazil. Each year, we conducted a National Meetings and at least one course in each of the 6 regional subareas. There are 23 certified hand surgery training centers across Brazil.

The board of directors include:
President: Giana Giostri
Vice President: Luis Koiti Kimura
General Secretary: Carlos Henrique Fernandes
Adjunt Secretary: Henrique de Barros Neto
Treasurer: Antonio Carlos Costa

Brazil Society E-Posters
As a part of our International Guest Hand Society program, the ASSH will feature a special electronic poster or “e-poster” section online, highlighting scientific contributions from Brazil researchers and authors.  The ASSH will provide dedicated e-poster viewing stations throughout the convention space for attendees to view posters onsite during the meeting.  

There are many benefits to offering e-posters over the traditional print posters, including:

  • Availability. E-posters are available online before, during, and after the Annual Meeting, giving authors the opportunity to have their posters viewed across the world.
  • Access. E-posters can be archived and referenced for years to come.
  • Multimedia. E-posters allow authors to incorporate multimedia, such as video, into their presentation, making content more interactive and engaging. 
  • Savings. E-posters eliminate the need for the expensive printing, shipping, and set-up of a print poster on site.

Congratulations 2014 Guest Society Posters!
View the 2014 E-Poster Site
Download the Guest Society Poster Abstract Book

  • Guest Society Poster 01, Clinical Experience with Super-Microsurgery: Reconstruction of the Upper Limb With "Perforator-To-Perforator " SCIP Flaps (Superficial Circumflex Iliac Perforator), Teng Hsiang Wei, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 02, Anatomical Study of Muscle "Gantzer", Edie Caetano, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 03, Anatomical Study of the Muscle Branches of the Ulnar Nerve in the Forearm, João Sabongi, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 04, Fibrin Glue Augmented Microvascular Anastomosis: Experience in 48 Free Flaps, Alvaro Baik Cho, MD, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 05, Neurotization of the Accessory Nerve to Suprascapular Nerve: Does It Really Work or Is It a Bandwagon Effect? Critical Analysis of 11 Cases., Alvaro Baik Cho, MD, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 06, Role of Arteriovenous Vascular Loops in Reconstructive Microsurgery: Details of the Surgical Technique and Review of 10 Cases, Gustavo Bersani Silva
  • Guest Society Poster 07, Venous Video Microanastomosis: Evaluation of Two Low Cost High Definition 2D Video Systems of Magnification, Rui S Barros, MD, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 08, Treatment of Preiser Disease with Vascularized Bone Graft from the Distal Radius: A Report of Two Cases, Sergio Gama, MD, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 09, Superficial Peroneal Nerve: Anatomical and Morphometric Study, Samuel Ribak, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 10, Use of Superficial Peroneal Nerve Graft for Treatment of Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Samuel Ribak, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 11, Role of CT in the Evaluation of Children with Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy, Bruno Eiras Crepaldi, MD
  • Guest Society Poster 12, Soft Tissue Injury Induced by Minimally Invasive Insertion of the Volar Plate in Distal Radius: A Study in Cadavers Forearm, Marcelo R. P. Souza, MD
  • Guest Society Poster 13, Corticoid Injection Protocol as a Prediction Factor for Surgical Treatment Results in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Giselly V Miranda, MD
  • Guest Society Poster 14, Transarticular MP Fixation for Fractures of the Proximal Phalanx, José Maurício M. Carmo, M.D, M.Sc
  • Guest Society Poster 15, Evaluation of the Headless Screw Compression Strength – Experimental Study of Scaphoid Fractures in Synthetic Bones, Filipe J Shimaoka, MD
  • Guest Society Poster 16, Evaluation of Gracilis Free Functioning Muscle Transfer to Elbow Flexion with Neurotization to the Ulnar Nerve in Patients with Upper Brachial Plexus Injury, Marina Tommasini Carrara de Sambuy, MD
  • Guest Society Poster 17, Lower trapezius muscle transfer for external shoulder rotation: assessing the viability and anatomical parameters of three techniques, Marina Tommasini Carrara de Sambuy, MD
  • Guest Society Poster 18, Median Nerve Fascicle Transfer versus Ulnar Nerve Fascicle Transfer to the Biceps Motor Branch in C5-C6 and C5-C7 Brachial Plexus Injuries, Alvaro Baik Cho, MD, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 19, Synovial Tuberculosis of the Hand, Jefferson Braga Silva, MD, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 20, The Use of Conduits for Peripheral Nerve Repair: A Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis, Jefferson Braga Silva, MD, PhD
  • Guest Society Poster 21, Arthroscopic Resection of Volar Wrist Ganglion: an Experience of 30 Surgeries, Carlos H. Fernandes, MD

Registration & U.S. Travel Requirements
Members of the Brazil Society for Hand Surgery are eligible for a registration discount.  Email for your discount code before registering.  International attendees should also review travel requirements for entering the U.S., if needed.  The ASSH is excited to announce for the second year we are offering the International Bring a Young Surgeon program.  Learn how you can sponsor a trainee for a free registration attend the Annual Meeting. More info

Learn more about the Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia da Mão.

Guest Society Past Honorees include:

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2011 U.K. British Society for Surgery of the Hand
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2009 China Chinese Hand Surgery Society
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