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Keynote Lectures
  Presidential Address
The Richness of Caring for the Poor: The Development and Implementation of the Touching Hands Project

Scott H. Kozin, MD
Thursday, September 18, 2014
1:39 – 2:19 PM 
The mission of the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand (AFSH) is to advance the care of hand and upper extremity disorders by supporting education, research and, with the advent of the Touching Hands Project, outreach.  Historically, the Foundation has provided leadership in science and technology, and now, with the outreach element, the Foundation will provide a path to nurture the soul via volunteerism.  We must embrace the privileges of being an accomplished hand care professional, and recognize that this privilege comes with profound responsibility and unlimited reward.  Volunteering with the Touching Hands Project allows you to care for patients in need without the concerns that make practice burdensome: payment, EMR's and bullets, malpractice, etc.  Pure utopia, drink the cool-aid of volunteerism, I guarantee you will enjoy the flavor and be rewarded one-hundred fold.  You will see and learn more than you thought imaginable, but more importantly, when you open your heart and your life through volunteering, the experience will affect you at your core.
  Robert E. Carroll Founders Lecture 
A Christmas Gift: Richard von Volkmann, Charles Dickens and the Children 

Peter R. Carter, MD 
Thursday, September 18, 2014
2:59 – 3:44 PM
Upper limb surgeons all know the tragedy of Volkmann's Contracture; it is the recurring nightmare of every orthopaedic surgeon.  Yet few are aware of the far-reaching impact of Richard von Volkmann and Charles Dickens and how they have influenced our lives today.  Volkmann was a surgeon, perhaps the greatest of his time, whose contribution to the understanding of compartment syndrome may be one of the least of his many accomplishments.  Dickens was the world's first "Best Selling" author whose writing changed the world.  This year's Founders Lecture takes a journey through the management of compartment syndrome in patients from newborns to adults; at the same time, it tells the fascinating, humanistic story of how the intertwining lives of these two men changed the world.  Their legacy is a gift to us all that reaches far beyond muscle ischemia in the forearm.
  Presidential Guest Lecture
Surgical Care and the Global Health Equity Agenda

Paul Farmer, MD, PhD
Friday, September 19, 2014
3:31 – 4:31 PM
Goals concerning global health equity, as well as ready access to basic medical care, are not possible without the development of safe and effective surgical care.  Over the past decade, the emerging arena of “global surgery” has gone from neglected stepchild to one of the more exciting realms of the burgeoning field of global health equity.  One of the most pressing concerns in resource-poor settings is trauma, including injuries requiring the attention and enthusiasm of subspecialist surgeons.  This talk will touch on experiences, from Haiti to Harvard, in working with colleagues to define the ranking goals in surgical care.

Paul Farmer, MD, PhD, is an American anthropologist and physician who is best known for his humanitarian work providing "first world" health care for "third world" people, beginning in Haiti.  Co-founder of the international social justice and health organization Partners in Health (PIH), he is "the man who would cure the world," made famous in the award-winning Mountains Beyond Mountains by Pulitzer-prize-winning author Tracy Kidder.  
  International Guest Lecture 
However Far the Stream Flows It Never Forgets Its Source 
Michael Solomons, MD, Republic of South Africa
Saturday, September 20, 2014 
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
However far the stream flows it never forgets its source. - African Proverb

From our origins in The Great Rift Valley, mankind has spread to occupy the entire globe. As a global community of Hand Surgeons do we ever pause to think where the terms we use come from? This will be a light hearted tour of the ‘evolutionary’ forces that allowed us to develop from barber-surgeons to the pinnacle of surgical disciplines as well as a historical perspective of our terminology.  Beneath the candour is a serious message about deep respect for our mentors and the invaluable importance of teaching.
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